Friday, July 10, 2009

Check your bank accounts!

I know there are some bicyclers on the board so I'm sending a warning to anyone who has ever done business with Bike Nashbar. I noticed four unauthorized purchases on my credit card. A Google check shows that many folks who purchased bike equipment through Bike Nashbar had the same four purchases listed. They are all from the same firm. Either Nashbar was hacked or they sold the info including credit card numbers to those people. I called all the scammers and had the fees reversed. If you bought anything from Bike Nashbar ever there is a chance you will be getting these purchases assessed. - $39.95 each month forever. Fedgrant - $7.95 each month forever. NetworkAgenda - $9.95 once Reb-Mill - $2.29 once Here is the site:

detailing the situation. My Nashbar purchase was one time about a year ago. The fees started showing up in May. I still have not heard a thing from Nashbar. Additionally, they send me a monthly catalog and weekly emails. They have a "discontinue literature" feature on their website. I have filled it out three times and they keep coming. I changed my address to the Seattle Jail and they keep coming. Ironically, they have good products and a good price and fast shipping. Even with that I will never do business with them and suggest nobody else should.

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