Thursday, September 3, 2009


Seattle voters have an opportunity before them, an opportunity to elect not a pro-bike mayor, but a champion for bicycling. The Cascade Bicycle Club is proud to announce its endorsement of Seattle Mayoral candidate Michael McGinn.

Michael McGinn is among the most pro-bike and sustainable transportation candidates we’ve ever worked with. Time and again he has listened to our issues, learned about our concerns and stood with us to make change. He has repeatedly taken on tough fights to advance a sustainable transportation agenda, and he has more than earned our support.

McGinn was Cascade Chapter Chair for the Sierra Club during the Bridging the Gap Streets Levy, which raised $695 million, a significant portion of which funds bicycle, pedestrian and transit improvements throughout the city. He worked with Cascade Bicycle Club to pass Seattle's Compete Streets ordinance – one of the strongest, if not the strongest, complete streets laws in the United States.

He also played a significant role in defeating the flawed roads and transit ballot measure in 2007. Seattle Great City Initiative under McGinn's leadership and Cascade Bicycle Club worked hard to pass a transit-only measure in 2008, which is funding expanded light rail, commuter train and bus service throughout the region. He also helped lead the successful Seattle Parks and Open Space Levy campaign in 2008, which gives significant funding to complete the urban trails network.

We know you have many issues to consider each time you cast a vote, and we thank you for considering our general election recommendations. Holding candidates and elected officials accountable is central to Cascade's mission to "Create a Better Community through Bicycling." We issue endorsements because the policies that affect bicycling begin and end with our elected representatives.

Michael McGinn is a daily bicycle commuter and has featured his support of bicycling, walking and transit strongly as a part of his campaign. Mike has ‘biked the talk’ in both his public and private life. With his leadership, we believe he will continue to enhance Seattle’s reputation as a green city.

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