Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Election Update

Mallahan opposes completing the Missing Link (from Cascade Bicycle Club)
General election ballots will start mailing this week. Did you know where the Seattle Mayoral candidates stand on completing the missing link of the Burke-Gilman Trail?

Anti-trail backers are pouring money into Mallahan’s campaign. Mike McGinn shares Cascade’s vision of a livable, bikable city. What’s it worth to you to make Seattle a more bike-friendly city? Get more involved. And please consider how voting your pedals can make a difference this election.
On the King County level, Dow Constantine was by far the best candidate in a field of eight when it comes to bicycling and land use issues. Constantine proposed fast-tracking the purchase of the BNSF eastside right of way and the immediate construction of a multi-use trail on the rail bed. Throughout his interview with a Cascade panel, Dow drew comparisons between the active work of the Cascade Bicycle Club and policies and programs he would pursue as executive. Candidate Sue Hutchison did not return our calls or emails. Still, the race is close. If you're a King County resident, a couple of hours of your time to support the Dow Constantine campaign would be a big help.

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