Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Woodland Park MFG Cross News!

Be honest: When was the last time you rode in a limo? Do you remember said trip? If you’re Brayden Buchanan, MFG series leader in the Junior 10-12 category, the answer is “last summer”.

Recently, we’ve made arrangements with our friends at Fremont Auto Detail to provide shuttle service from Woodland Park, to Brouwer’s Cafe, and back to Woodland Park during race day this Sunday, November 15th! The shuttle is on MFG, and tips are welcome to the driver. Shuttle begins at noon, and runs through the afternoon. So, finish your race, head down to Brouwer’s, and have a drink!!!

Brouwer’s Power Hour begins at 3 pm, and the MFG Woodland Park After Party begins at 5:30 pm. A light dinner buffet will be served until food runs out. (You are on your own for drinks!) All 21+ are welcome, and the dinner is on MFG and Brouwer’s. Hope to see you at the party, and ride that shuttle!

Zac Daab

Low Pressure Promotions, LLC


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