Friday, January 22, 2010

Evergreen Advocacy Action Alert!

Take action now on these three important issues to make your voice heard!

Help Preserve Access to Tokul West & the Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Back in September 2009, Weyerhauser put a piece of property near SE 39th Place (near the Snoqualmie Valley Trail) up for sale. This is a particularly important parcel because of the access to trails near Tokul West. King County tried to acquire the property but was outbid by a private land owner who has effectively blocked access to the SVT and the adjacent trail network at Tokul West.

Evergreen respects the right and wishes of private land owners but would like to see the county make access a priority. They are currently negotiating an easement with the land owner.

Please take a moment to email the recipients on the list to your right. Let them know that we are asking that the public right-of-way be restored and that King County take any and all necessary actions to restore and maintain legal access to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail via 39th Place. You can use the letter below to copy and paste or add your own message.



The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance wishes to express its concerns over the loss of access to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail via SE 39th Place due to the recent sale of property through which the access road crosses and actions of the new landowner. Residents in Fall City and trail users from throughout King County have used the SE 39th Place access road for years. Loss of access to the trail would be a serious blow to the access of one of King County's frequently used regional parks, the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.

The SE 39th Place access road is the sole connection between the Fall City Park and the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. There is substantial parking at the Fall City Park for trail users including hikers, runners, bicyclists and equestrians. Trail users access the Snoqualmie Valley Trail by crossing SR203 at the crosswalk installed by the WSDOT specifically for access to the trail, continuing on SE 39th Place, and then onto the gravel access road, which terminates at the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. Trail users have been exploring this area since 1911 when the Fall City Milwaukee Railroad Station created what is now known as SE 39th Place. Freight and mail services used this road as a connection between Fall City and the train stop. Later, an unofficial dump was accessed from this road; long-time residents still refer to it as the dump road. In the 1970's the Milwaukee Railroad went out of business, the tracks were torn up and the right-of-way came under the jurisdiction of King County Parks, later to become the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.

The access road from the end of SE 39th Place to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail is a public right-of-way. We therefore request that King County take any and all necessary actions to restore and maintain legal access to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail via 39th Place.

As this issue is very important to the the mountain bike community, we respectfully request that you keep us informed.



Please contact Evergreen Executive Director Jon Kennedy if you have any recomendations or concerns.
Thank you!

Address to:

King County Council Members

Bob Ferguson
Larry Gossett
Larry Phillips
Julia Patterson
Jane Hague
Pete Vonreichbauer
Reagan Dunn
Jan Drago
Kathy Lambert
Jeff McMorris
(Jeff is with Kathy Lamberts office)

Local Mayors

Will Ibershof(Duval)
Lee Grumman(Carnation)
Matt Larson(Snoqualmie)

Fall City Community Association

Tim Marshall

Fall City Parks Commission
Sammamish Parks Commission

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