Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Report of Insane Bike/Car Road Rage Incident (Involving Assault With Axe Body Spray)

There's road rage. And then there's absolutely WTF.

Portlander Joe Keshishian called in today to describe a road rage incident he says happened to him on NE MLK and San Rafael. Keshishian says he was crossing MLK east to west on his bike when a black car pulled up so close behind him that it bumped his back wheel. According to Keshishian, the driver then sped around him, flipping him off and zooming past him. Keshishian shouted, "Fuck you!" at the driver and then caught up with him at a stoplight.

Assault with Axe

"He stopped his car and got out, saying, 'You think the road belongs to you, self-righteous prick!' He's holding something in his hand and I realize it's a can of deodorant, that Axe body spray stuff," says Keshishian. "I held up my bike lock to defend myself and he proceeds to wail on me with the deodorant!" Keshishian says the man struck him with the can in the head and arms before pushing him over, off his bike. As Keshishian lay there on the ground, he says guy lifted up his bike and threw it on him before getting into his car and driving off.

Several people saw the alleged assault, one snapping a photo of the car (which is below the cut). Keshishian is shaken up, but okay with just small scrapes on his elbows and a tacoed bike wheel. He filed a report with the Portland police and is expecting to get in contact with a bike lawyer to figure out whether he should press charges.

"He just had this rage, this intense hatred!" says Keshishian.

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