Thursday, September 2, 2010

On Deck

Team Double Check Presents:

2010 Labor Day Cyclocross Championships


Location: North SeaTac Park (AKA Sunset Park), SeaTac (Seattle), Washington
Date: Monday, September 6, Labor Day
Entry fee: Men $20, Women $20, all juniors $5, (cash or check), no license required, must sign waiver. A cyclocross racer can race multiple times for one entry fee. (Proceeds used to support First Rate Mortgage Junior Team)

Registration: Registration opens at 8 a.m. (Mtn. bikes without forward pointing bar ends are permitted)
Prizes/Awards: Medals – 3 deep & Prizes

"Race for the Noodles"
Team Competition: A team dinner for up to ten at the Samurai Noodle University District store to the USA cycling registered club with the combined best five finishers in selected races. Rules being finalized, they will be posted race day or sooner.

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