Friday, February 27, 2009

This will be fun as I head to Seward Park Thursday nights

Subject: Another Mugging in Sam Smith Park

Incident occurred yesterday, 2/26

Text from a local bike forum posting:

Thought i'd put the word out that two hoodlums in all black wearing hockey masks, yanked me off the bike this afternoon around 5pm today on my way home in the middle of Sam Smith park along the I-90 trail while heading west. Just crossed MLK and two guys were hanging out on the picnic bench on the south side of trail and one started walking my direction casually and before I knew it, had ahold of my jacket. Don't know in hindsight why I didn't take evasive action to avoid him (not to mention being initially oblivious to the facial protection they were sporting until they were up in my business), but tried to peddle out of his grasp to no avail. Got punched in the face, was on the ground and another sock in the eye by his twin, all black wearing hockey buddy. A bit delirious as they demanded I give them everything I had. They weren't smart enough to remove my pannier and when they couldn't, dug through to my wallet and were off down MLK where a fellow cyclist followed them until they looped back north through the park near the Mt. Baker tunnel entrance direction ...

...Cop said that he will request more police bike patrol down that section. Don't know that that will do much for the long term due to perpetrators usually laying low for awhile before hitting the same spot again. Unfortunately, I will certainly be more apprehensive toward someone in my way on that trail now. Look out for each other!
Be careful out there.

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