Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 Hours of Sea Tac

Join us for...The 4 Hours of SeaTac on APRIL 19th. It's not a race, it's a relay for fun! BBQ, awards, and prizes after the relay. A fun event for the whole family.
Riders participate in teams of 4. You can form your own team and register together, or enter the "team lottery" as a single rider and we will randomly assign you to a team.
Riders ride the 4 mile course, trading off with the other pair from their team on each lap until the four hours are up.
Entry limited to 25 teams.
Pre-registration $10 donation per rider (until 4/18). Day-of-ride $12 per rider.
Riders of all ages welcome
Helmets required for ALL riders Pre-Registration Closed Classes: All Gals (4); All Guys (4); Iron Men or Gals (2); Co-ed (4);Over-The-Hill (45+yrs)(4); Lottery (4) (riders not on teams) The 4 Hours of SeaTac is a volunteer-powered BBTC event. Questions? Email More Info: Directions: I-5 Exit 151 at S. 200th St.Go 1 mile west, to our signs at the bottom of the hillEvent schedule:
8:00 - 9:30 AM
for Teams and Individuals
9:30 AM
Mandatory Riders Meeting
10:00 AM
Team Pairs Start at timed intervals
1:30 PM + start time interval
Last Riders on Course
2:00 PM + start time interval
Finish Scoring
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
Prizes & Awards!!Bring your lawn chair(s), favorite beverages, water, snacks, and... your helmet.
4 Hours of Seatac ’08 Rules + Rules + Rules + Rules
This is NOT a Race!! Ride at Your Own Recreational Pace! 4 Mile Loop with Lot of Fun Technical Singletrack
1. Team of 4 Ride in Pairs 92) Iron Men/Gals & 45+ Ride in Pairs (2) 2. Team Short of Riders will have Riders Added. 3. IMPORTANT: All Fill out “Ride Entry & Release Form”!! 4. Sign-in Team upon Arrival at “Teams” window 5. Lottery Individuals Sign-in at “Lottery” Window (will be assigned to a team) 6. Attach “Team # Plate” on Bike. (See Display)a. Your Team “Token” is to be displayed on your person or your bike (see Rule 7) 7. Teams Start at One Minute Intervals. Team Pairs Must be Logged “Out” & “In”By Official Scorer. See Posted Timetables 8. Teams are Scored as Pairs “Together” at S/F and random Check Points. 9. Quickest Lap Time over all averge is 30 minutes (8 Laps Max) See Scorring 10. Slowest Lap Time 60 Minutes. Team can Appeal for Next Relay Pair Start 11. Pass Slower Riders w/Verbal Request “On your Left” & Safely…pick a Wide Spot!! 12. Allow Faster Riders to Pass if Asked. No Blocking!! 13. SAFETY ISSUES: At Paved Road Crossings Watch for Moto Vechicles 14. Aid any Seriously Injured Rider until Medical Help Arrives!! 15. On-Course Repairs: Teammate may continue to S/F with a Time Penalty 16. Be IMBA Courteous to Non-Event Riders on the Trails 17. Casual Riding (warm-up, etc) Only in Designated Area (Stay off the course)This is a “NO-PEE Zone”!! (Do it in the provided sanican.)
Scoring: Your “Start Time Interval” is factored into all scored times(A)Team completing most laps within their 4 hour segment win in class (see B * C) Laps completed after a Team’s 4 Hour segment are not counted (ex: 7 laps in 4hrs, 5 min = 6 net laps.) Riders will be checked in several areas: Stay on the course!(B) Team’s “Actual Finish Time” (in minutes) & “Laps Completed” is compared to the “30 minutes per Lap Minimum Standard” to determine “Net Laps” Scored. IE: Actual Finish Time (Minutes) divided by Laps Completed > 30 = Net Laps Scored. EX (1) 235”/ 5 Laps =47 > 30 = 5 Laps Scored(2) 203” /7 Laps =29 < 30 (Deduct 1 Lap) = 6 Laps Scored(3) if T/L = Less than 29.0 Deduct 2 Laps (ie: 231:/10 Laps=22 < 30 = 8 Laps Scored)(C) Ties are Broken by “Actual” vs “Estimated” (ie:4hrs) Finishing Time Differentials Closets to Zero. Ex: Smallest Plus [+] beats Smallest Minus [-](D) Course will be Monitored to Assure Fairness..No Shortcuts! NOTE: Decisions by Event Officials will be Fair as Possible…and Final!!
Questions? Will be Answered at 9:30 Riders Meeting! TIMETABLE:8:00 -9:30 Sign In: 9:30 Riders Meeting; 10:00 (+ interval) Teams Start as Posted on Rules;1:30 (+ interval) Last Riders Out (as Posted); 2:00 (+ interval) Finish Scoring Activities.
A REMINDER: BBQ Starts at 1:30. Prizes & Awards at 3:00 Buy a Cool T-Shirt for yourself or Your Significant other


Randy Salamon said...

when is it?

Monkey Ride said...

Always with the tough questions! April 19th.