Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pub Crawl

The 4th annual Recycled Cycled Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl is ON!

Another team tradition, This Saturday the 19th of December, don your ugliest X-mas sweater and meet up 7:30 at The Bit in Ballard

Schedule is as follows:

* 7:30 The Bit
* 8:00 Bad Albert's
* 8:30 The Loft
* 9:00 Connor Bryne's*
* 9:30 The Lock n' Keel
* 10:00 King's Hardware
* 10:30 Hattie's Hat
* 11:00 Zayda BuddysOr
* 11:30 The Smokeshop,
* and we end as always at...
* 12:00 The Old Peculiar

Every 1/2 hour the whistle blows, we move along to the next bar. Requirements for team members are 1 beer per bar (bpb)**, no requirements for guests. Any and all guests are welcome and encouraged to participate. Randy Salamon will be the official whistle blower once again.

This is a required event for all team members.

*if there is a show at Conor Brynes, we will double up at the Smoke-Shop.
**late arrivals will be given the oppurtunity to double-up. Or not.


Bianchi said...

The holidays are the best!!!

MrDaveyGie said...

Is this done on your bicycles?