Thursday, May 20, 2010

A bike park at Timberline?

The rumors were confirmed yesterday, when the page on the Timberline website went live. We’ve all been hearing about the possibilities of a world class bike park coming to Oregon, and the odds of having such a facility (just an hour away) is becoming that much closer to being a reality. Even better, Timberline has contracted the construction to Gravity Logic, the team responsible for some of the best DH trails in the world. That is right, the team that created legendary trails like A-Line and Dirt Merchant will be working with Timberline to create a piece of freeride heaven on our local mountain. The project is still in a design phase, but construction could begin as soon as this fall, and possibly opening as soon as next summer.

Head straight over to the Timberline website to read more. Timberline is asking for riders to provide feedback on what they would like to see in such a park. Comment periods like this are important in the planning process, and document the amount of community support for a project. The Forest Service documents this stuff closely, so click HERE right now, and tell them how stoked you are, and what kinds of stuff you want to see!

Straight from the source:

Working with the US Forest Service as Partners In Recreation – our goal is to fill a growing public need that is currently under-serviced in our region. Mountain bike trails within the Timberline permit area will be continually monitored and managed in a professional capacity – with a focus on safety, minimizing environmental impacts, and creating fun trails that mountain bikers want to ride. Trails for all ability levels are planned, as well as a skills park and complete rental facility for all needed gear to prepare you for a fun day on the mountain.

World Class Facility
We have contracted with Gravity Logic, a consulting firm out of Whistler, British Columbia to design and develop our mountain bike trail plans. Gravity Logic is the creator of the world-famous Whistler Mountain Bike Park that has earned the position of being the gold-standard by which other mountain bike areas are measured.

It should be obvious that a bike park of this statue would be a huge boon to the FR/DH scene. It would even provide jobs for local trail builders:

With homegrown mountain bike trails popping up all over the forest, a major difference with our project will be the ongoing, active management of the area. A full-time trail maintenance crew will be employed to ensure the initial design is maintained. This will create a more consistent environment for mountain bike riders and will also maintain the areas integrity with the surrounding environment.

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Rob said...

As a local in Whistler since 1991, I can attest to the incredible work that is done by Gravity Logic on the downhill trails in Whistler. Most locals came here for the Winters but stayed for the summers. Come an check out Whistler's awesome Free-Ride Scene.