Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mini Super D @ Colonnade!!!!!!!!
Hey all - We here at the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance were thinking it would be fun to have Mini Super D races every once in a while at Colonnade........entry would be 10 bucks and proceeds would go toward the all mighty Alliance.Winners would gain street cred and could design the course for the next race.We could follow it up with a "pub ride" or urban assault on Seattle.We also plan on having a BBQ on hand to cook up hot dogs,burgers,veggie burgers,fish....whatever you want.I'm using this as a poll of sorts to gauge interest.Basically it would be a cool way to meet other riders, hang out and tell tall tales.Let me know what you think and I'll set it up. Get your race on!
-- Joshua King

Trail Crew Chief

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

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