Friday, May 8, 2009

track, track, trackitty track!!!

First night of the year. Pre-season but racing is racing bitches! Beers won the scratch race which i dont think i did to much to help with. The we had a snowball....mathematics is the name of the game....7, 8, 9 and you can't lose. And I didn't. Then we did the new "wheel" race. essentially a n Australian pursuit. Yeah won that shit too. Points race was good. I felt really well in the sprints. Was trying to set Suggle Puss up for th first sprint but ended up riding him of my wheel to the line. I ended up second in the race and Beers got 4th. I got me some good form right now and using it while I can. gonna do some down time and get ready for crits and the regular track season. that shit got cold tonight though. My nipples were rattlin and shit. chilly, damn cold.

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