Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Deck

Another mtb race in Port Gamble via the good folks at Ridge Racing. I'm sure there is probably some road stuff somewhere. Possibly track. Anyone who attended last weeknends Whidbey Island Mudder can't complain about the tight twisty dirt that was to be had. Team DiamondBack Grassroots was in force and made our presence known. Adam, Matt and Paul were all there, rocking the DiamondBack Sortie, as was I.

Paul's Sortie built up to around 27 lbs with 5 inches of travel!!!!!!! Mine is a little heavier as I've focused on downhill + cross country. It's always a little bit of a "In your Face" when you roll by a carbon ulta light hard tail on a bike that you are downhilling the next day!

Anywhoo, I'll be in Whistler all weekend - on the Sortie - prepping for the Black Rock down hill the next weekend that is followed by the Ashland OR Super D (Nationals) the next weekend. Believe that I will see you at Colonnade next week figuring out that last kicker.

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