Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bike Sharing in Hilly and Rainy Seattle?

You've heard of Zip Car - the car sharing company in Seattle and other major cities. How about a bicycle-sharing program? They're thriving in places like Paris, Barcelona, Montreal, and even Denver where a pilot project is due to "go live" next year. But in hilly and rainy Seattle?Pearson Cummings with King County's Parks and Rec Division says the county is just trying to get locals used to the concept: "What will they use a bike sharing system for? Will they use it to go to their dentist office during work. Will they use it to go get grociers? Do they think bike sharing will work in the city?" King County, along with the Cascade Bicycle Club, the city of Redmond, and Vulcan held a Bike Share Expo Tuesday in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood. Three bike-sharing vendors were on hand to talk about public bike systems. There are a lot of questions still to be answered such as how much would it cost, and where would the bike stations be located. If Paris is any indication, lots of people like riding the public bikes down Paris's one big hill. As for getting the bikes back up that hill that's usually done by trucks.

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