Monday, August 24, 2009

On Deck...............

Just wrapped up the last Fluidride cup race last weekend in Port Angeles. Very good stuff. I'm sure Pink Bike will have pics up soon, I only bring dead cameras to bike races! You may even see a pic or two of yours truly in the first loser spot rocking it with the DWB crew, which took home plenty of hardware as well as consuming more intoxicating substances than other group out there. Of that I am sure.

Next weekend word has it that a certain Pauli G. will have a quiver of the 2010 DiamondBack Sorties and Missions for the kids to play with. I need to get on a Scapegoat. Speaking of 2010 DB, there is a nice article on all the hard work that goes into these two wheeled wonders in the most recent Bike magazine, check that shit out. I wish they would have had one in the test ride group because they ride supremely, more on that later this week as I give the 2009 review and full on test feedback on a certain Sortie Black that suffered under me this whole year.

The Labor Day weekend will be reserved for Whistler, enough said on that. Three days of that and I think my hands will truly evolve into meat hooks.

The following weekend is a Super D in Mt. Hood, where the Sortie Del Negro will once again be put to the test. More info:

Momentum Mt Hood Super D
September 12th & 13th, 2009
Race Info Line (503) 272-0146 Email: Website:
Hurricane Racing
P.O.Box 320, Government Camp OR 97028
Fax: (503) 272-0240

ATTENTION Pro/Cat I RIDERS you will need to buy an annual USACYCLING license to be able to race.
One Day license available for Cat II/Cat III for $5.00

 Location: Mt. Hood Skibowl is located 52 miles S.E. of Portland on Hwy. 26, just before the Village of Government Camp
 Registration forms: can be downloaded from
 Pre-registration: Entrance deadline is Thursday prior to event. Mail application to Hurricane Racing, P.O.Box 320, Government Camp, OR 97028 or fax application to 503-272-0240. Now you can register at If you pre-register and cannot attend we will NOT charge you. NO REFUND ONCE TRAINING STARTED!
 Late Registration: Saturday July 13th 10:00am – 3:00pm yes, there is a late fee of $5.00
Sunday July 14th 8:30am – 9:45am yes, there is a late fee of $5.00.

 Entry Fees: DH: Sat/Sun $50.00. Sunday only $40.

Downhill Training Saturday, Sept. 12th 11:00-4:00pm
Sunday – 1 shuttle per rider only starting at 9:00am

Downhill Race Sunday, Sept. 13th Riders Meeting TBA at finish
USA CYCLING event 11:00am Pro/Cat I /Cat II/Cat III
For questions about rankings
Email them to

 Course: Timberline Lodge, Glade Tr., Cross Town, Pioneer Brindle finish at the Tunnel
 Awards/Raffle: Following the last rider. Location to be announced (Finish or Skibowl).
 Parking: at Skibowl parking lot. No vehicles can be parked at Skibowl after 8:00pm without paid permit.
 Lodging – Collins Lake Resorts for condos or Hostel @ 503-272-3051 and Mt Hood Adventure Info 503-272-3206 x1063

I'm not editing that shit so it is pretty. Just not doing it. Break out your decipher kits.

Weekend after is a Super D + XC + BBQ + rally fest in the Olympics done by the very good people at FOCF. To those of you who need to go to Starcrossed, I am truly sorry for you.

The weekend of the 26th & 27th is the last Fluidride cup race of the season at Mt. Hood, should be a doozie! Race fast on Sunday, grap some freebies at the raffle, pray for podium and hit the Acrop for the victory steak. I'm not explaining that one.

The next weekend is the MTB XC race in Winthrop, which is always cool. Fishing, bike racing, beer drinking, hot springs, goodbye to summer. Then I guess there's nothing left to do but cross so why not? With Nats in Bend one would be remiss not to go around in circles and drink beer in the mud.