Thursday, August 13, 2009

High Cascades 100

11 days until the High Cascades everyone ready for what is in store for you?


Map has been updated online
Details are also available from the site as far as time cut off's, gear/bottle drop info for any of the 3 aide Stations

The Weekend

Packet Pickup at Sunnyside Sports 2-5pm Saturday 8/22 , all of you will have your custom race plate and swag bag waiting for ya. Custom socks and shirt and water bottle, along with local offers and some discounts/and great Hammer Nutrition products before, during and after the High Cascades 100.

The Race course...well marked first off....Not saying you will not have to pay attention, but I will be doing what I can to ensure a great well marked course...arrows, ribbon, ect

Litter.....I can't say this enough and sadly there was more wrappers left at the cream puff 100 last month than Scott and I thought would happen and this is something that could shut this event down quicker than anything...pack it out, dump your wrappers and such at aide stations.......PLEASE!

The is the first 45 miles from my Garmin
This will prove the most Rugged part of the event....and if you can get through this section and back to aide #2 in 7 hrs you should be good to up the pace in the second half of the race. Some of you will get back in under 6...maybe even quicker.....

The second part of the course is faster......shaded climb.....technical support from United Bicycle Institute of Ashland and Portland to do some repairs if you have problems above and beyond Lubing your chain in the am and at AIde #2...

The Finish.......get back to aide #3 by 6:30 and then finish the last 10 miles of singletrack and get your Custom Finisher award.....badge of honor and relax and have a half chicken dinner from Baldy's BBQ of Bend and a beverage. You have 14 hrs of daylight to finish...make the most of it and have fun. The Sun is down by 8:30

Your safety:

The am loop around Mt Bachelor has Kwohl Butte at mile 32 and a atv trail strewn with Lava for just over 2 miles of climbing and 4 miles going DH...its tough, fun, and quite an upper body yourself a favor and do not attempt to bomb this lava strewn atv trail for 4 miles in record pace and crash and have to lifeflight you out......very remote, take 3-5 minutes of care and get down safe.....make sure to help each other out and be safe......everyone of us has skills, but one bowling ball sized Lava chunk could make for a bad experience.

Eugene MTN rescue will be at the aide stations to patch you up if necessary and we have full radio control from aide points merry...HEED and water at all aide stations along with food.....make sure to hydrate......if you are are good to go...well in that area at least

The Fun:

Views...yes, singletrack....yes, fast trails....oh yes......Photographer on digital pics for all of you from Oregon Velo

What to Bring
Your Bike, smile,sense of adventure
A chair.....after the event relaxing
Bug spray...its been cold at night may kill them...won't be too bad at this time of prepared
light jacket
eye race dirt removal......
Sorry remote showers.....maybe in 2010 so bring some wet wipes, towel

Other misc parts...cleat bolts...hate it when one fails

Thats the Update.....I will send you another next week and will be doing registration all the way up to 5pm Saturday...we are at 57 riders so far and I am still looking to be at 75+ for the 1st year. We will raise over 2500.00 for COTA when all is done this year and support the great trails that they work on and I really appreciate you coming to the High Cascades 100.

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