Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes, this season I delivered a preemptive strike to the Holidays hitting the pinnacle of heavy drinking and airing of the differences about a week early but with such focus and sincerity it was truly heartwarming. In order to prepare for the Christmas holiday itself I opted for a very special treat of an extensive shoulder surgery. The combination of the continuous pain and the heavy medication, along with being snowed into the hinterlands, have kept me out of trouble.

In my youth I would have squandered this special time of the year with bottles of alcohol (also known as presents) and the obligatory day of basketball. In my maturity I can assure you that there are only heavy pain meds and the obligatory day of basketball ahead of me today. The height of which will be when this angry little leprechaun heads to Hollywood to crush Kobe & Krew.
2 PM Pacific. Yup. Celtic Pride kids.

Speaking of angry leprechauns, evidently a drunken Cale McAninch was in attendance at Nationals and was taking his heckling to an entirely different level. When challenged by Page's brother in law, a scuffle ensued. Beautiful.

Speaking of Nationals, a local favorite - Trebon - went out and did his thing. Good for him. Certainly beats the shit out of last year's catastrophe. I first met him at a mountain bike race in Chewelah, WA as a young gangly kid banging bars with the fast guys. He was probably 15 or 16. Later in that season my bottom bracket exploded fantastically in Mullen, Idaho and he hooked me up with an extra. No money or support and still willing to help out. I've heard that sometimes good things happen to good guys. Whatever.

Also on the Nationals front, U-23 National Champ is none other than our very own Nick Weighall. That kid is gonna be a big deal in the cyclocross world.
And finally, the Nation knows very fucking well that 'cross was originated in Seattle and our Northwest backwater owns that shit. So be happy that in 09' & 10' we will be in Bend, OR for Nats'.

So, if you are not of the muddy set you may have been hoping for some creaking plywood 33 degree banks in the beautiful Burnaby velodrome for 6 days. Well, that shit was called off so relax and enjoy the track girl.

Please note that track girls more often look like this:

And as they age it just goes downhill...........

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