Friday, December 26, 2008

You little Creampuff

Race date: Sunday, July 12th 2009.
Registration opens: Monday, January 5th 2009, download form from website (include check for $246.00 U.S. dollars only), mail it in. Make check payable to Cascade Cream Puff, LLC.

If you were a registered racer for the 2008 race (and did not receive a refund, or partial refund) I will guaranty you a spot into the 2009 race provided I receive your registration by January 12th 2009. First Class U.S. Postal (snail mail) should get it to me on time. There is no need for expensive overnight mail!

If you did not race in the 2008 Cascade Cream Puff overnight mail might be a good idea?

Mail registration to:
Cascade Cream Puff, LLC
1689 Charnelton Street
Eugene, OR 97401

The race date has been pushed back to July in an attempt to be able to access the upper reaches of the Alpine Trail network. Last year we were shut out by snow! Oh, the weather outside is frightful…July is so delightful…so if you like single track flow…melt the snow, melt the snow, melt the snow.

The 2009 race course is yet to be determined but it will include the Alpine Trail (permit dependent).

If there is an additional event in 2009…? It will be mostly single track (approximately 85%). There will be plenty of climbing. It will be held in September…It will probably be an unofficial ride/race…? It will probably be self supported…? It may have minimal course markings…? Derrick & I rode the course last September…it was BAD ASS!

Please do not expect a response to emails for a while. It's the holidays and I have a lot on my plate right now. I do not check this address for Cream Puff stuff much. If you do email me please do so at

The 2009 Cascade Cream Puff race should be as good, and or better, than any of the years in the past! Plan on another awesome event! Don't sweat the small stuff. Things are good.


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