Thursday, October 2, 2008

A little cross practice

Sooooooooooooo................ I went to the first official cross practice of the year and lo and behold, our very own director sportif was in the house. Nicely done. And welcome back to the fold smoothy.
Now that we are done with that little horror show, let's get back to the adult action:
18+ ONLY

Also, a very good friend of mine is in Tanzania doing things he feels need to be done so if you don't know about it check him out at:
And some sad news from that region today:


Anonymous said...

I knew you would find that pic.....rt

Randy Salamon said...

jesus f**king christ! the DS needs to lay off the goddamn twinkies and rainier. I thinking Lampre has some kinda defamation suit in the works over this.