Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tally so far

Let's see her kiddies, been here since saturday morningn and have been on the "nopple" ever since. Out every night hangin with nerds can be taxing to the system (not to mention the wallet). So let's do a little refresher.

(5 night x 12 guiness a night) + (5 nights x 2 Jameson) = 60+10 = 70 drinks so far! I knew those silly nerds would rub off. I wasn't counting on my own math skills to come through anytime soon. Alas, one more night and a flight home, both equally dangerous.

1 comment:

Bianchi said...

Happy Mole Day Muthr F@%ker!

Get some other Chemist to buy you a pint to celebrate!